Dear Ladies,
we´re clearly coming closer to our next meeting and we´re really looking forward seeing you all and all the new participants that want to attend. At the moment it´s no problem if you haven´t registered yet, there is plenty of space in the new location. At the moment we´re about 35 people, experience shows that we will lose some due to life :-).

ATTENTION, we changed the location:
Caffé Due Mani
Franzuisstraße 6
60314 Frankfurt am Main
There is enough space for us and also parking space.

Let´s see the agenda:

19.00 – 19.10h Arrival, Welcome, Networking
19.10 – 19.20h Welcome to the event and information by Lu, Kerstin, Endora

19.20 – 19.45h Introduction of the women ( maybe we´ve to do it in 3 groups )
– who am I
– what is my purpose for joining WWW
– what do I have to offer

19.45 – 20.15h Open Discussion & Feedback
What has happened since our last meeting – success stories, questions, tried new things?

20.15 – 20.30 Networking Break

20.30 – 21.00h & 21.15 – 21.45h Speeches
21.45h – 22.30h – Networking & Pitch Corner
… feel free to stay as long as you want and if you want to leave maybe someone is happy to avoid taxi costs or long trips by train ;-)!

We´re there to learn and grow – and we´re all in business. That needs skills but also good products.
Use your chance to offer and get feedback.

Pls. bring your business cards & if you have advertising material with you – we will have a table for that

And we will add a time for offering your own products, services and yourself after the speeches. If there are ladies that want to talk about what they offer this is your space and please don´t be shy, don´t fear rejection – it will not happen! There is nothing wrong with selling your gifts and that´s why we´re there too.
( see our blog post for that )

We strongly recommend to get you on the list we will share here.
Why? People can reach you! You can connect between the meetings.

Be your own hero – Fight your gremlins:
Pitching Corner, Products & Female Coaching:

Nik talked last time about how his training can grow you stronger and what you can learn from Martial Arts.
( heard that at least one of our girls was brave tried out ;-)). He´s still available:

In the pitching slot, you can also talk to Theresa in detail. She´s telling us in her speech about her own career and how she came to female leadership as a main topic of her work and she´s offering a workshop.
Hopefully, our designers for the best moments on stage and in business from COCO LORES will attend this time too!

If you want to present there sth. pls. give me a short shout so that we can introduce you.
And there are a few coaches attending – including me, Kerstin, that are more than happy to support strong girls in life and careers.

Costs & good life:
We want to have this event cost free but full of value. Speakers share their insights and knowledge, their inspiration for free. So don´t expect a huge catering but we will have water and wine and also finger food as last time.
Everybody that wants to contribute something pls. give us a shout too. (

If you want to take photos send them to us! We will put them on the blog ( pls. give us a shout if you don´t want to see you online, that´s your right! :-))
If you have dates to share pls. send them to – I´ll put them on the calendar.

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