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Dear WorldWildWomen,

we want to thank you all for your attendance and the great contribution to amazing discussions regarding our topics „the nonlinear career“ contributed by Lu and „Female Leadership“ by Theresa. It was an amazing atmosphere full of energy, openness, positivity, curiosity, appreciation and also a healthy degree of vulnerability and trust.
Thanks for your great feedback, we hope to see you again in September and keep you informed about the program.
We want to get better: if you have ideas if we can deliver more value pls. send us an email or talk to us, remember that feedback is a gift and if you want to give something back pls. don´t hesitate.

Guessing that most of us have a LinkedIn Profile we opened a group for discussions.

Let´s thank also the boys for having us in this great location.
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Some insights and thoughts on the topics:
The nonlinear career: If you want to get more insight about dealing with PIZZA-CV´s maybe the work of Bréne Brown is of interest for you. See here I thought it was just me, and other work she has done. You can also get good appetizers on youtube about her work on leadership, shame & change.

Female Leadership – What are you doing when you´re attacked by sharks?
I guess the distinguishing between living an authentic leadership live and stay in integrity which means by definition:

1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

2.the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished 
3.a sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition

I love the second one – staying undiminished (unverletzt) , so passion and purpose especially for women it is as important driver for courage, voice, thrive, as having learned to navigate in a sea of troubled water dominated by alpha male style. Not meaning – and thx Theresa for highlighting this –  that men suffer less, but maybe they deal differently and maybe the rules are much clearer for them. But this is nothing that can´t be changed by more awareness and a good personal strategy.

I read a great article on being the post modern „being authentic“ paradigm on LinkedIn by Adam Grant.

Why sharks? What about the sharks as we often perceive the alpha male world?
Is it also sometimes about us?
Did you know that you are more likely to be killed in a thunderstorm than by a shark?
How would it be, not to be led by scary expectations?

Big but:  in case of an attack and we learned that discussion and tough negotiation doesn´t have to be something personal and is maybe part of the game, the most important rule is: stay calm and confident – deal with inner critics and don´t take everything personally. Watch if there are signs of aggression and don´t let your fear guide you into an emotional response. All these are skills – espacially self-management – that can be learned and we all can practice every day.

Shery Sandberg invites us „to the table“ – and it´s clearly a very personal decision to sit there and speak up.
This very personal decision clearly has to be made by each of us. She´s at the dmexco. If you haven´t heard her messages yet maybe these videos give inspiration: Sherly Sandberg on Youtube.

How to navigate at this table:
Pablo Picasso said: „Learn the rules like a pro, that you can break them like an artist“ and we had great discussions about how to stay resilient and not to take everything too personally in business. How to develop important skills like communication, negotiation and also the power of style.Maybe it´s not about what´s right or wrong, maybe it´s about awareness and choice, about expanding our range and decide how we want to be perceived.Communication is key in leadership and there is a great study about the functionality of communication and the difference between men and women here.

Very often women cringe from the word power but if you replace it with impact or influence we buy in. So what do you want to impact or influence?Thanks Rachel for highlighting that learning the rules and learning the skills is easy, there are plenty of programs out there where we can grow in presentation, negotiation, and communication.
Let´s ask how real this myth of „natural talent“ is and how much we can achieve simply by professional practice.

So thanks again for attending and contributing. There was clearly a lot of great inspiration and some springboards for further discussions. We hope to see you and a lot of women in or on the way to leadership in September again.

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