2017 Final - WWW #4

Ladies, what a year! We thank you so much having had the opportunity to set this up in 2017 and make it even bigger in 2018. Let´s celebrate this on our last event:

Date: Nov. 9th
Location: tbd
18.00 - 19.00h "The science of happiness" according to Dr. Martin Seligmann and others

Sessions: tbd

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Keep in touch during our sessions and get more content and networking. To keep in touch with all the great ladies, use this opportunity:

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Facebook - Pls search for World Wild Women or Kerstin Clessienne, Ludivine Vitet, Endora Colmer-Arldt, we can add you, as the group is hidden and closed.

Your ideas appreciated:
As the location is always the heaviest challenge every idea is highly appreciated. We would like to keep this free of charge so we depend on people hosting the WWW´s for free!

WWW #3

Date: 28th of September
Location: Co-Work-Play

18.30-19.00h - Tap into your intuition

19.00h - 22.30
Katja Markert: I did it - Building my business - a true story of leadership
Kerstin Clessienne: Breathe - Top-Down & Bottom-up workout through the body.-mind connection

WWW #2:

Date: 24. August. 2017 ( Register here )
Time: 19.00 - 22.30h
Location: Caffé Due Mani


Dr. Theresa Semler - Female Leadership
Ludivine Vitet - The nonlinear career



HEADS UP: Pls. bring you business cards & advertising material!
If you want to share your contacts data to the network pls. fill in here ( google doc).



That was wow :-)!


We thank you all for this great opening and being with us! You´re great!
A Special THANK YOU to Olivia & Claudia for having us in their wonderful store! Coco Lores. Klick!

WWW #1:
Date: 01.06.2017
Time: 19.00 – 22.00h
Location: Coco Lores

19.00h – 19.15h // Ludivine Vitet & Kerstin Clessienne: Welcome
Introduction WWW FFM & Female Leadership
19.15h – 19.30h //  Dr. Endora Comer-Arld: Lean In Networks
19.30h – 20.00h // How we made it – Coco Lores
Get Together & Networking
21.00h – 21.30h // Nik Süwer: Female Leadership inspired by Martial Arts
Stay Together – Support & Networking