If you want to join our network, that´s an easy thing: you just come to our events and contribute to the discussions.
You share your passion to grow and to support other women in growing.

Try new things, get new perspectives, gain new insights.
We grow in natural female confidence and business together.

Ways to constribute:

#1 Share
If you know other women that would benefit from us, pls. share the message.
Normally women tend to give and it´s a bit of a challenge to receive. This is a safe space to lean in, to trust and to collaborate. We keep our experiences for us and we support with collaborative wisdom.
We don´t know yet if we open just for referrals to make sure that this will remain in quality but for the moment we use Social Media ( LinkedIn, Xing ) – become one of our ambassadors, share your profile on the site and help to recruit – sharing a link takes just a minute, having a good talk with someone who would love to be more supported, yes of course!
Networking is a huge topic:
pls. share great other events where we can learn & grow, we´re happy to put them on the calendar.

#2 Give insight
If you want to share a story, give a speech you´re highly welcome. We´re not TED, it´s a narrative approach to female leadership experience. Nothing has to be perfect, Powerpoint not needed. Not everyone´s English is like native speaking – all that doesn´t matter. What matters are the perspectives and the experience we share and the great support we can give each other. Or you know a great speaker that supports the message without wanting thousands? Let´s call her/him.

#3 Good in writing?
We share stories and thoughts in our blog. Feel free to write about what you think or experience.
Let´s make it interactive, you can comment and discuss. That´s what makes it interesting!

#4 You´re good at and have some time?
Whatever you think of your competencies can be useful, from graphics to WordPress is highly welcome!
or you´re great in PR, we can and should spread the world. You love fundraising? Let´s get sponsors!

WANTED: At the moment we would like to have more people for the community management: you should be familiar with WordPress and common social media platforms to share our content.

#5 Locations
You know a good location for free?

#6 Host yourself a WWW Event – we´re happy to support you as mentors
Special Events?
You know a lot of women in your HOOD you wanna connect deeper with?
You have a certain topic and you want to organize a meeting and talk about?
We´re happy to share topic & date as long as it supports our cause.

If you want to organize something in another town? Let´s give it a try!

Other ideas?
Ideas are diamonds – give them to us!